IMG_1625Northfield’s ONLY locally owned and operated pharmacy by residents Karen and Rob Anderson since 1986, Northfield Pharmacy began as a Medicap Pharmacy Franchise. We were originally located directly across from the Holiday station in Northfield where Godfather’s Pizza was located.

In 1987 we moved our business to the RiverPark Mall and were located where the current Clothes Closet is. In September of 1992 we began construction of our current building complete with parking lot and drive-through window and moved in on January second 1993.

In 2005 we completed our franchise obligation and were able to become independent and therefore changed our name to Northfield Pharmacy. We are excited to be a part of the Northfield business community and look forward to continuing to take care of your medication needs and offer one on one counseling to be sure you are getting the best possible outcome from your medication therapy, be it prescriptions or over the counter needs. One of our business partners, Amerisource Bergen, has proven to be an incredible source of information, knowledge, product and support.