Medication adherence can affect quality and length of life, health outcomes, and overall healthcare costs. The failure to take medications as prescribed is as dangerous and costly as many illnesses.

Here to help patients take the right medicine, at the right time.


We at Northfield Pharmacy want to make it as easy as possible to take medications at the right dose and the right time, which is why we offer personalized compliance packaging. Our Medicine On Time compliance packaging is designed to help keep our patients safe, reduce medication errors, aid caregivers in administration, and maintain regulatory compliance. Each order is packaged by our pharmacists into convenient, color-coded calendars, that indicate the time of day the medications should be taken.

Color-Coded Synchronized Calendars 


With our Medicine On Time compliance packaging system, our pharmacists conveniently sort all of a patient's medications into color-coded calendars, which are customized to a patient's individual needs. 

Sturdy, color-coded calendar cards indicating the time of day when medications should be taken

Customizable number of days in each calendar card

Calendar layout matches traditional calendar

Dose Cups On-The-Go


With each color-coded calendar, a patient can remove the individual dose cup from the card, so the medication dose can easily be taken on the go.

Each dose cup holds up to 12 medications


Compliance details clearly printed on each dose cup

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